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East Village ice cream transplant Davey’s giving away free scoops tonight

There's no ice cream like free ice cream, like no ice cream we know. via Facebook
There’s no ice cream like free ice cream, like no ice cream we know. via Facebook

You know, you make a whole list of where people can go and get their fancy ice cream in Brooklyn and you think you took care of the issue for people, and all of a sudden a whole new fancy ice cream place decides to show up. Not that we’re complaining, since to celebrate their arrival in Williamsburg tonight, East Village ice cream shop Davey’s Ice Cream is just giving away the sweet stuff for three hours tonight. If only everyone coming here from Manhattan was this nice.

According to Grub Street, the ice cream shop was opened by David Yoo two years ago, despite Yoo having exactly zero experience in the food business. Apparently that didn’t matter much, because Davey’s has become mighty popular anyway, thanks to flavors like speculoos chocolate chip, Mexican vanilla, cookies and cream and strong coffee. The Williamsburg store is even going to have an exclusive flavor, the popcorn-based Whopcorn (fresh-popped popcorn in sweet cream, mixed with Whoppers).

Should you get that flavor or another one? Well, you can take a risk on something weird tonight, becuase like we said, the Willimasburg Davey’s Ice Cream (201 Bedford Avenue) will be handing out ice cream scoops to people from 6pm top 9pm. And making the celebration even more Brooklyn-y, there’ll be ice cream tattoo giveaways from Three Kings Tattoo. Can you possibly beat this ice cream-based tattoo? Probably not, but don’t worry about trying to. Worry more about eating your ice cream before it melts.

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