It’s not too early to apply for summer jobs in Coney Island, so you can hang at the beach, and pay rent

Spend your summer riding the Cyclone on your lunch break
Spend your summer riding the Cyclone on your lunch break

In these winter doldrums, do you find yourself drifting off at whatever desk you call work, daydreaming about last summer on the beach, cold beers, sand in your toes, hot sun on your skin, that kind of thing? But then, once summer comes, you’ll still be at said desk, slogging through the days until the weekend when you can go to the beach? Well, what if this summer could be different, you could work and be at the beach at the same time? Summer may feel far away, but it’s not too soon to start planning: there are a number of job openings at Coney Island, from lifeguarding, to being a ride operator at the  amusement park, to being a teaching fellow at the New York Aquarium, that you can apply for now, according to Amuzing the Zillion.

If you want to get a tan and blow a whistle on Coney, this Friday (Jan. 17) you can take the qualifying test to be an NYC lifeguard at Abraham Lincoln High School. Check this page for more times and locations. If you want to work at the Mermaid Avenue YMCA, you can check the openings at the NYC YMCA career page. If you want to teach summer camp at the NYC Aquarium, check out the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Career Page.

Do yourself a solid, and apply for one of these so you can have fun in the sun this summer while still earning your keep.

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