Dune the right thing: Help the Parks Department plant dune grass in Rockaway Sunday

rockaway dunes
What, you think the grass just plants itself? via Flickr user duluoz cats

You go outside at the moment, and the last thing your thoughts turn to is the beach. We get it. Our philosophy is that it’s never a bad time to be thinking about the beach though, especially when the beach needs a little help. This Sunday for instance, the Parks Department needs some volunteers to plant dune grass in Rockaway, to protect the beach against coastal storms and ultimately make sure it’s still there when the summer comes around. You still want the beach to be around this summer, right?

You can sign up to help the Parks Department plant dune grass on Sunday, December 7 between 10am and noon, between 143rd Street and 145th Street, and we think it’s a good idea to do it.¬†Yes, beyond looking windswept and cool, dune grass actually serve a purpose, in catching sand that’s blown away by high winds and even keeping sand in place with their roots. The problem is that dune grass doesn’t have arms and legs with which to plant itself, which is where you come in. When you think about it, the beach does so much for you, so it couldn’t kill you to give back to it a little bit. And at the very least, this is a good excuse to check out the Rockaway bars in the South Brooklyn Beer Book.

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