Dumpster homes are our future, so let’s get used to them now

Lay out on your "deck" and watch the terrible terrible future
Lay out on your “deck” and watch the terrible terrible future

We thought we’d seen something truly crazy, in an interesting way, when we came across the couple that lived in an apartment made out of shipping containers. But people are always pushing the envelope and looking for cheaper ways to live, so how about a Dumpster (or we should say trash receptacle, Dumpster being a proper noun and registered trademark)? Gregory Kloehn, recognizing the real estate madness all around us, gave up on landing an actual place and decided instead to convert a dumpster to an actual living space. And on the real? It doesn’t seem that bad.

You Live in What?: Portable Dumpster Living

Seriously, it has everything you need, and probably even more than some of your apartments have. Roof deck? Check. Windows? Check (come on, some of you have lived in rooms without windows). Toilet? Yep, even has that. Now sure, deadpan narration in the video like “people pass by when he’s showering and still don’t understand how he can live in a Dumpster” is hilarious, but who are we to laugh at this? The Dumpster cost Kloehn two thousand bucks to buy, and while the video doesn’t go into how much it cost to convert it, we can’t imagine it was so much that he needed a mortgage.

And is this really so crazy? People probably scoffed when artists were moving into unused industrial spaces in bombed out former manufacturing areas and look what happened now: rich people are paying millions to live in those lofts! So since there’s nothing we can do to stand in the way of the rapacious price beast gobbling up all the real estate in New York, we’re going to go ahead and endorse this as the new way to live for the young and broke. And old and broke. And pretty much anyone who doesn’t have literally blue blood and a Roman numeral after their last name. Don’t worry about getting hauled away by a trash truck either! As Kloehn explains, “No one’s gonna pick the garbage up if you don’t pay for it, so if you don’t pay, you don’t get it.”


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