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Drink good stuff, while you can: d.b.a. Brooklyn is closing this weekend

d.b.a. brooklyn
You’ve got one last chance to enjoy the party. via Facebook

Another day, another spot in Williamsburg that we love is shutting its doors: d.b.a Brooklyn, a bar we love and solid Beer Book bar, announced that they were closing with a post on their Facebook page. There was no reason given for the closure and a call to the bar went unanswered, but all we know is that Sunday, November 30 will be the bar’s last day open. That day, you can watch the Saints play the Steelers, and then help the bar have a send off, or as they put it “drink the inventory.”

You certainly wouldn’t expect a bar with the motto “Drink good stuff,” to go out without drinking all of it, would you? So, whether you loved d.b.a., still have a Beer Book coupon to use or just want to hit another going away party for a place with “dba” as the initials, show up this weekend and make sure to get your fill.

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