Artcoholics unite! 4 great drink-and-draw art classes in NYC

Drink and Draw in full effect at 3rd Ward, every Wednesday.

Brooklyn can make you pretty self-conscious if you didn’t crochet your own tea cozies or can the heirloom cucumbers you didn’t grow last summer. I’m always down to bead a couple necklaces but the second the clock strikes happy hour I tend to lose motivation for all things sober. Thanks to the latest trend of combining liquor with crafting I get to be crafty and I don’t have to worry about my level of alcoholism; everyone’s doing it! Here’s a run down of four boozy art classes that are taking over this borough. One of them is free, but most of the others come with free booze.

3rd Ward, Williamsburg [update 1/13/14: 3rd Ward is closed forever!]
195 Morgan Ave. at Stagg Street,
Drink and DrawWednesdays 8-10:30, $15 for individuals or $10 if you go with a friend
They provide the  beer (PBR) and the nude models, but the drawing equipment’s on you.
The mood is super chill and very quiet during the 20 min drawing sessions however they have short breaks so the models can get up and shake out their leg cramps and the artists can talk to their neighbors.

The Living Gallery, Bushwick [update 1/13/14: The gallery is now at 1094 Broadway and no longer offers the $10 deal]
1087 Flushing ave at Knickerbocker, room 120 in the Shops at the Loom complex
Drink and Draw, Wednesdays 7-9, $10 for individuals or $5 each if you bring a friend!
Includes two glasses of wine, and they provide snacks and materials, live music and live models. Perfect for newbies to the art scene who don’t want to invest in their own sketch pad and pencils,  they have you covered.

The Bead Box, Carroll Gardens
244 Smith St at Douglass Street.
Bead and Wine night, Monthly event, the next one is August 22nd , 6-9pm, FREE!.
People can either bring their own projects to work on or use the 10 percent discount the store offers to purchase materials for a new project. Definitely the most economical of the bunch, they provide wine, inspiration, advice and good company for no charge!

Dr Sketchy, one of the many drink-and-draw nights around the city.

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School
Drink and DrawBimonthly event, the next one is Aug. 25 4-7pm at the Slipper Room in the LES
Tickets are $12 in advance/$15 at the door.
Models are dressed in a different theme each week with an emphasis on burlesque, there’s a cash bar available and a playlist to get you in the mood. Dr. Sketchy’s has become so popular it has sprouted branches the world over and apparently attracts famous artists.

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