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Despite the fact that we’re a blog that encourages people to do things like saving money through the power of cooking your own damn food, we understand it’s nice to go out sometimes. We also get that it’s nice to feel like you’re doing a good deed. Also it feels good to drink a lot of beer. Tonight, you can do all of those things, because Williamsburg Japanese spot Cherry Izakaya (138 North 8th Street) is rolling out $1 beers and complimentary food just for you. Well, you and whoever else shows up.

Yep, you read that right, you’ll be able to enjoy $1 beers and complimentary food from 6pm to 11pm tonight. Or maybe we wrote it a little wrong, because you’re not only being served $1 beers, you can also get $1 sake and $1 cocktails tonight, along with your complimentary food. Is it because the person who owns Cherry Izakaya has lost their goddamn mind? No! It’s actually because the restaurant is raising money for the Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger, and 100% of tonight’s proceeds will go to it.

So all of those drinks you drink will actually just be one good deed compounding on top of another. Oh yeah, we know, tomorrow is a work day and you don’t want to be hungover. What if you explain to your boss that you had fifteen beers for charity though? She can’t fire you for that, it’s the law.

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