Dream job alert: records manager for Guinness World Records

It could be you measuring the world's largest natural afro!
It could be you measuring the world’s largest natural afro!

Are you able to fill your mouth with 200 cigarettes? Grow your nails out to ridiculous lengths or sink ten thousand free throws in a row? No? Us either. But! Now you can authenticate when people do, because Guinness World Records is hiring a records manager. Don’t go to your interview thinking you can bluff your way in though, because this is one of the most important jobs in the company.

The records manager is the first person to deal with someone attempting to get their name in the record books and is responsible for researching and writing the guidelines of the records. You’ll also be responsible for creating new record categories and making sure the record guidelines are up to date and reflect our crazy changing world.

It’s not all writing in a cubicle though, because you also get to travel to the record attempts to authenticate whether or not they’re done correctly. And not just one or two, they want you to go to at least 15 a year, which hey, sounds like a blast.

If you have an expansive knowledge of video games, social media, common past times, games and the internet and you have a passion for the world record bible, you could grab the job. The salary is “under $45,000” but can’t possibly be less than you’re making waiting tables, and as an added bonus comes with bonuses, a 401K and sweet, sweet health insurance. And dental!

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