Don’t read this if you’re unemployed

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From Awkward Family Photos.

No it’s not more terrifying news about jobless rates, but an item on that could easily derail a morning’s worth of productivity. The design/humor site has assembled a list of meme-blogs, defined here as “a stream of user-submitted content around a certain theme.” Some are familiar, like Icanhazcheezburger (yeah, whatevs) and Fancy Fast Food (yay), but if you haven’t seen Why the F*** Do You Have a Kid, Look at this F*cking Hipster or Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians… there goes the afternoon as well. Did you know there were blogs about cute animals with casts and unnecessary quotation marks? See the full list here. A fun one not on the lineup: Stuff Unemployed People Like (#122: getting new emails even if they’re spam!).


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