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16 Brooklyn bars to watch the Mets in the World Series

You, too, can drink just like your professional ballplayer heroes do. Just don't do something like this in the bar without asking the bartender first. via Facebook
You, too, can drink just like your professional ballplayer heroes do. Just don’t do something like this in the bar without asking the bartender first. via Facebook

As we’ve gone over, THE METS ARE IN THE GODDAMN WORLD SERIES. You know how to talk about the games and sound like you’ve been watching all year, if not for years on end, and now you need to know where to watch the games. We’ve got your back, with the best spots to watch the Mets in the World Series these next two weeks and holy shit we still can’t believe we’re typing that.

73 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn Heights

Montero’s has been around for the last couple Mets World Series wins, and has the Brokelyn endorsement as it’s the place where we watched the Mets clinch the NLCS. There are two TVs to watch the game on, with the sound played loud from the one in the back of the bar, except on Friday and Saturday’s karaoke nights. On the other hand, after we watched the Mets win Game 4, Allan the bartender sang and then played “A Dying Cub’s Fan’s Last Request” on the jukebox, so you might get some weird musical accompaniment to a Mets win on any given night.

Lock Yard
9221 5th Avenue, Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge beer garden the Lock Yard is really going for it in their Mets celebration, showing the games this week on 6 TVs total (3 inside and 3 outside) with the sound on, and that’s just for starters. For Games Three and Four on Saturday and Sunday, a they’re hosting gritty party animals Lenny Dykstra and Wally Backman from the 1986 team and offering an autograph and open bar deal: $75 for the autograph and open bar on beer and $100 for liquor. Which could either get really happy or really upsetting pretty quickly.

706 Bar
706 Washington Avenue, Prospect Heights

706 isn’t as old and grizzled as the other bars on this list, but what it lacks in experience it makes up for with big screen TVs, $6 beer and shot combos and bar food like wings, tater tots and chicken tenders. Fortunately, the food doesn’t approach ballpark prices.

Half Court
446 Park Pl, Prospect Heights

This no-frills sports bar provides you with the two most important things you need to watch a game: cheap beer (between $4 and $6) and plenty of TVs behind the bar and in a room off to the side of the bar. There’s no food, but you can bring food in or have it delivered (Kimchi Taco is right across the street and is open during games). The place can get packed with devoted fans and casual sports lovers, but but it won’t be all Mets loyalists, based on our run-ins with some Dodger dudes in flip-flops during the NLDS. That’s not a complete downside since it lends the place an electric energy, which we found last year just stopping in to find a packed bar during Game 7 of last year’s non-NYC World Series. The only downside is that sometimes Half Court just doesn’t decide to open, so try calling ahead, (347) 663-3121,  just to be sure.

Rocky Sullivan’s
34 Van Dyke Street, Red Hook

Rocky’s is a Mets bar through and through: they don’t hedge their bets and display propaganda for both NYC baseball teams in an attempt to appeal to all people, it’s only Mets stuff behind the bar and we appreciate that a great deal. In addition to drawing Red Hook locals who’ll happily talk to the TV/you about Daniel Murphy’s greatness, Rocky’s has fantastic pizza from a wood burning oven, tap beer from nearby Barrier Brewing and a bartender told us they would have the sound on and show the game on all four TVs.

242 Dekalb Avenue, Fort Greene

Alibi is a place with cheap beer and a lack of a focus on fancy cocktails, which is a breath of fresh air in upscale Fort Greene. Not only that, but Alibi’s quasi-underground location and rowdy crowd with the noise from the TV on gives you the sense of watching in a baseball bunker. If the game has a moment that’s just too damn tense, you can pop in the back yard for a breather and relax for a second, which is important for the white-knuckle tension that playoff baseball can deliver on. You’ll definitely run into real sports fans here, but it might mean encountering one with the completely insane idea that Derek Jeter isn’t a first-ballot Hall of Famer, so maybe don’t ask for deeply held baseball opinions unless you’re ready for an insane argument.

If you see the apple rise at Roberta's, that's half-price shots for you. via Facebook
If you see the apple rise at Roberta’s, that’s half-price shots for you. via Facebook

261 Moore Street, Bushwick

You wouldn’t think of Roberta’s as the first place to go to watch a game, but their outdoor garden is up and running even as it gets chilly out, and unlike the cramped restaurant inside, it’s a got plenty of communal tables. Roberta’s will be celebrating the World Series with the game projected on a big screen in the back, $10 pitchers of Kirin Ichiban and most intriguingly will be offering 1/2 price shots during any inning when the Mets hit a home run. The odds are in your favor for that one, since the Mets hit the third most dingers in the National League this season.

Turkey’s Nest
94 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg

There are TVs all over the Turkey’s Nest, and usually they’re devoted to a whole smorgasbord of hot sports action, which is understandable. This week though, a bartender told us that other spots are taking a back seat to showing the Mets in the World Series and the sound will be on for everyone to hear. Beyond all the TVs and the sound, your reasons to go to the Turkey’s Nest to watch are the same as ever: their margaritas served in giant styrofoam cups for the bargain price of $10 and grizzled old baseball-watching veterans as a regular crowd.

188 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg

We’ve spent plenty of time sitting in the red booths at Rosemary’s, watching sports and half paying attention to the conversations we were having with the people around us, and we highly recommend you try it too, especially since the sound will be on for all the World Series games. It’s the kind of place where a regular will talk with the bartender about how she’s probably bad luck because things had gone downhill for the Mets since she’d walked in the bar, and you don’t get that at a place unless you get some baseball-loving regulars. Like the Turkey’s Nest, it’ll draws just a mix of old-timers who’ll be able to tell you if Jacob deGrom reminds them more of Tom Seaver or Jerry Koosman and younger fans and casual viewers just swept up in things.

Beloved baseball monster Mr. Met used his magicks to help 773 Lounge rise from the ashes in time for the World Series. via Facebook
Beloved baseball monster Mr. Met used his magicks to help 773 Lounge rise from the ashes in time for the World Series. via Facebook

773 Lounge
773 Coney Island Avenue, Ditmas Park

Just in time for a Mets World Series, beloved Ditmas Park dive 773 Lounge has risen from the ashes (literally) and will be showing all the games with the sound on. They seem just as excited about it as you are, offering a ridiculous option of $30 for all you can drink domestic bottles, drafts and well drinks while games are on. An offer like this, you hope for a seven game series decided in extra innings (that the Mets win of course).

Old Stanley’s
226 Wyckoff Avenue, Bushwick

Bushwick is frequently too cool for school, but even the seventh coolest neighborhood in the world isn’t too cool for the World Series. Neighborhood spot Old Stanley’s will be showing the game with the sound on a small TV in a corner of the bar and on a projection TV in the middle. Toast to the Mets’ success or curse the Royals being given favor by the umps with Mets superfan and bartender Josh, courtesy of a $6 draft beer and well shot special for any draft all night long.

Frank’s Lounge
660 Fulton Street, Fort Greene

Frank’s is the kind of old neighborhood spot that you’d call a cocktail lounge back in the day, but you can just call home all week if you want to watch the World Series. Usually the kind of place where people will be watching Jeopardy!, a bartender told us both TVs by the bar and a big projector screen in the back will be showing every game with the sound on. She also assured us that the owner is a huge Mets fan and that if you go to Frank’s you’ll be walking into a Mets bar.

46 3rd Avenue, Boerum Hill

Hank’s is the kind of bar where Mets fans should feel right at home: perpetually disregarded but still hanging on, the home to moments of abject “what is this town coming to” peril (mostly now that Islanders fans drink there too) but also a rush of come-from-behind shining-with that old New York glory, a haven for cheap PBR and dirty TVs. While this is a working bar that has to throw the shows they’ve booked before we knew the Mets would be in the World Series, they’re at least showing Game 1 tonight on a projector screen hung in front of the stage and promising to “party like it’s 1986,” which is fitting since most of the decor and people haven’t changed since 1986 either.

Pork Slope
247 5th Avenue, Park Slope

The Park Slope meat emporium loves their sports, and they love their local boys even more. To celebrate the Mets in the Series, they’ll be offering 2-for-1 Sixpoint Crisp cans while the game is on and showing it on all of their TVs with the sound on.

Canal Bar
270 3rd Avenue, Gowanus

The mutant life forms in the Gowanus Canal no doubt lived through and enjoyed the Mets’ previous World Series runs, but what they didn’t get to enjoy is watching it in a comfy neighborhood dive like Canal Bar. Beyond indoor screenings with the sound on, a bartender told us that as long as it’s not too cold, they’ll be showing the games in the backyard on a projector screen.

Shea Stadium is the place for both punk rock fans and injured Matt Harvey cosplayers. Photo by Tim Donnelly
Shea Stadium is the place for both punk rock fans and injured Matt Harvey cosplayers. Photo by Tim Donnelly

Shea Stadium
20 Meadow Street, Bushwick

Hey, it’s baseball, so let’s throw you a curveball. Or maybe this is weird enough that it’s a screwball. BUT! Shea Stadium will be screening every game of the World Series, sadly minus sound since they’ve got a show booked almost every night of it. That being said, if the Series somehow goes to Games 6 and 7, they’re looking for ways to show it, so we’ll keep you in the loop.

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