Don’t forget to use your last Beer Book tickets of 2015 this week!

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Threes Brewing was new this year. Did you like them?

Holy crap, 2015 is coming to an end, which means you need to make a resolution you won’t keep, you have a find a party where you’ll cry and make out with someone and most importantly you have to look at your Beer Book and see which tickets you still have left and can realistically use. Once January 1 comes around, your Beer Book 8 and 9 tickets will be as worthless as the scrip they used in the awful, traitorous Confederate States of America, so get out there and use them. We suggest trying out some new places in the remaining days of 2015, since that’s the whole point of the books, to explore new and exciting frontiers in drinking.

Of course, the end of the year is also time for reflection, so we’re asking you a quick favor. We’re starting on the work of making Beer Books 10 and 11 next year, so let us know which bars were your favorites this year, whether they were new or old. If you want to see them back, drop us a line in the comments. Also if you think there’s a great new bar that the Beer Book wouldn’t be complete without, you should also drop us a line in the comments. If you own a great bar and want to pitch yourself for next year’s book, you should shoot an email to our Beer Book czar Cat Wolinkski at beeraffair [AT]

And finally, if you want the first shot at a Beer Book or a Wine Book or a Cocktail Book next year, sign up for our weekly email to get a chance at buying a booze book before everyone who doesn’t get our email. It’s a great idea, especially since you also get all the best news and events in Brooklyn in one convenient place in your inbox. Everything in life should be that easy.

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Do you like cheap beer and good bars? Come work with us.


You're paying 50 cents a beer folks, 50 goddamn cents a beer.


Since this purchase will earn you what amounts to 30 beers for 50 cents each, you can't even call this treating yourself. This is a goddamn INVESTMENT.


30 beers at 30 bars for $30 is now 30 beers at 30 bars for $15, meaning 50 cents a beer, meaning RIDICULOUSLY SICK DEAL.


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