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Don’t forget: Tonight’s the last night you can use your 2015 Cocktail Book!

One last shot for bonus drinks at Lowlands Bar
One last shot for bonus drinks at Lowlands Bar

December 15 is a very important day in a year that’s usually not filled with important days. Hm? No, it’s not important because it’s the last day you can buy health insurance for 2016 (although your parents would probably appreciate you doing that). It’s important because today is the last day you can use any tickets you’ve got left from the first Cocktail Book we published earlier this year. Lucky for you that your last night for bonus cocktails is happening on a typically mild and beautiful December night, eh?

Please do note that while we’re giving you this heads up about the last night to ever use your tickets from the first book that we don’t want you going on a long and drunken bar crawl. Also come on, how many freaking bonus cocktails can you drink? The bars we picked for the book don’t exactly water their drinks down. We are asking you to do one thing tonight though. Tell us what your favorite new bar from this first book was on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #cheersbk. What’s in it for you? Three people who do this will win brand new Cocktail Books, and that means you can start the drunken journey down Mixed Drink Road all over again next year. Cheers!

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