Donate to animal charity in memory of Sandy victims

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Streich-Kest and her pitbull mix, Max.

Perhaps one of the most tragic stories of Hurricane Sandy was that of the couple killed during the storm on Monday night. Jessie Streich-Kest, 24, and Jacob Vogelman, 23, were walking their dog in Ditmas Park when high winds caused a tree to become uprooted and trap the two beneath it. Their bodies were found early Tuesday morning.

Now, loved ones are asking for donations to one of Jessie’s favorite charities, the Sean Casey Animal Rescue Center.

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  1. We hear nothing but great things about Sean Casey. They are also really great about letting local kids volunteer to walk dogs.

  2. I knew Jessie from the dog park. Her dog Max was a kind loving animal. Sean Casey is a GREAT foundation, and the owner has 18 (maybe 19 by now) dogs. This is such a tragedy. I can still hear her call out for Max as our dogs would play with hers. Im so sorry for the loss.

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