Williamsburg comedy club introduces ‘Trump special’: Muslims get in free to every show

Smashy-smash (photo by Scott Lynch)

We’ve seen no shortage of clever reactions to the appalling idiocy of YouTube comments section come-to-life Donald Trump, from Trump poop bags to Trump piñatas. The Donald’s latest cartoonishly racist proposal to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. has prompted Mo Fathelbab, owner of Williamsburg’s The Experiment Comedy Gallery (20 Broadway), to make a proposal of his own: Free admission to any and all Muslims who want to come to a show at the venue.

Flipping the language of Trump’s proposed ban on Muslim immigration to the United States on its head, Fathelbab will reward anyone who proves they’re Muslim with free admission, writing on The Experiment Gallery’s website:

I am a Muslim-American, and as you might imagine, I happen to think that Donald Trump can go to hell. I want to do my part to bring the Muslim-American community and the New York City comedy community together, which is why I’m making this offer: Come to The Experiment Comedy Gallery, and if you can prove that you’re a Muslim, you get into any show free of charge.

He’s calling it, of course, the Donald Trump Special. In order to demonstrate your religious roots, all you need to do is face Mecca and recite “The Fatiha,” the first surah in the Qur’an, and you’re in! Even better, Fathelbab said that there isn’t a cap on how many free shows a Muslim audience member can attend.

The comedy venue puts on great shows all the time, but if you want something especially topical, this Monday the Internet Action Force presents Hilarious Muslims, featuring Negin Farsad, Oscar Aydin, Muhshin Khan, Dina Hashem, and Syed Ashar Masroor, hosted by Atheer Yacoub.

So get over there and, as Mo says, laugh your Muslim ass off for free, all night long.

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