Dogs need walking

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Far be it for us to post just any part-time gig, but everyone loves dogs, and dog-walking seems like one of those too-good-to-be-true side jobs that beat slinging lattes at Starbucks. Via Reddit today, we learn a recent Pratt grad who started her own dog boarding business is expanding into dog walking and is looking to hire some 18-25 year olds in the Park Slope/Cobble Hill area. The pay is $8 a walk, and you could make $30 a night for just hanging with dogs, all off-the books (can we say “off-the-books” without blowing up her spot? If not, please ignore the previous sentence). She says it’s “good for someone who has some extra time after school, in the afternoons, in between classes, etc. Contact her through Reddit for more info.

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  1. “Off the books” means no insurance if you accidentally injure someone’s dog. That’s a big liability.

    Ack, I’m turning into an old man.

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