Does this impossibly perfect Brooklyn couple actually exist?

Photo by TKTK,
Alex and Alexis (or vice versa), photo by Di Bezi Photography.

We’re big fans of the Brooklyn Bride blog, which isn’t so much about nuptials (eeuww!) in our home borough as it is about froufrou-free weddings anywhere. This week, the blog features a magazine-worthy engagement shoot of Alexis and Alex (which one’s which?) of Brooklyn, who look like they were dreamed up by a stock-photo agency to pop up when the words “hip” and “romance” are typed in: There she is, all bony and pale, in her terry-cloth romper with vintage cowboy boots. There they are, two-stepping in front of his LP collection in wooden crates. And how about an insouciant, limby smooch on the hammock? Perfect! A question: has anyone ever seen Alex and Alexis on the streets of Brooklyn?

Who are they, and what do they do? Or was this improbably photogenic couple invented by J. Crew? In addition to the dozen-plus pics on Brooklyn Bride, there are even more on the photographer’s site, which promises that the wedding will be in the “ultimate hip setting” in Brooklyn. Since the Marriott is out, we’re going with somewhere in the Navy Yard. Any other guesses? Or maybe we’ll just have to be on the lookout for a robin’s-egg-blue Dodge Dart with a Just Married sign, heading off to a charming fixer-upper somewhere in the Catskills, dog—and photographer—in the back seat. Click!


  1. Tim Donnelly

    I think I just got diabetes from looking at these fotos. But as much as I hate to say it, I have seen couples like this. Mostly at Trader Joe’s, where they buy baguettes and soft cheese for their thrice-weekly picnics in Prospect Park.

    I’m not bitter and single at all.

  2. Umm perhaps someone could tell the female half of the impossibly perfect couple that the whole high boots, vintage cowboy or otherwise (What does that mean anyway? That they stink of real horses–t?) and shorts look thing has been over for about two years. ‘kay? Thanks.

  3. They are not really that amazing looking – they are just very good photographs of them, with some nice photo-shopping etc. to make them look cool. Which is what shots like this should do!

  4. jackie

    there are definitely very nice comments but on the downside, I’ve never seen such negativity especially when people are trying to share some nice images.

  5. joyce

    that is such a great looking couple and great looking shots but I can’t believe that some of the above posts are soo mean!!! Wow!! the poster (epj) that wrote above about cowboy boots stinking of real horses and the shorts look- well “EPJ” obviously has no personal style and gets extremely jealous when someone else can pull off a look that another can’t!!!! Looks like they are just enjoying each other but obviously some people can’t handle to see another couple that looks as if they are having fun together!!!! EPJ- grow up! and stop believing every thing television and the fashion channel is ramming down your throat— “kay?”

  6. Silly EJP – Cowboy boots and feeling comfortable in your own skin are timeless – 2 seasons ago?! – You really need to stop reading the in and out section of magazines and start procuring some “taste” of your own –

    Great looking couple – Fabulous shoot; Love it!

  7. sbstiles

    Yes, they are real and no doubt jealously inducing, but know this: They ARE fantastic people–the kind of people that make you wonder how you ended up with such fine folks in your midst. They’re also both extremely talented creative people to boot.
    And p.s. the photographer is amazing, but that’s not the only reason the photos rock–its really about them.

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