Wanted: elegant wedding catering for under $75 a head

We’ve covered engagement rings, wedding gifts… now it’s time for tips on the food. Mary, a soon-to-be-wed friend of Brokelyn, needs some crowd-sourced help finding the catering for her big day. Mary’s got the venue covered. “It’s It’s really cool,” she writes.  Now she’s looking for:

“A caterer who will cater a low-key but elegant (not fussy, that means) wedding for $50-$75 pp. We need to get tables, chairs, linens, silverwear, the whole shebang.”

Also on Mary’s to-do list: finding a dessert truck and renting a sound system for the band. We can tell she’s already taken a few pointers from here, but now Mary needs your two cents: Where can she find a classy caterer for under $75 a head?


  1. We just had a very DIY, very awesome wedding in Brooklyn last month. We got catering dropped off from Fairway Market and hired wait & bar staff from Parties N All — a staffing and catering company in LI. Then we rented all the tables, chairs, dishes and linens from Party Rentals Ltd. It took a lot of detail-oriented planning, but we saved a ton!

  2. Try Yen of Real Food catering. She did my wedding and did a great job – delicious, creative food – at a very low price even in light of our huge menu and monstrous amount of food. Granted $50-$75 a head is a little low budget in NYC but you can certainly have good quality food – just not a ton of it. Have you thought about a short early evening cocktail hour only reception? The less time you have people captive, the less food you need to give them.

  3. Melody Ozdenak catered my wedding three years ago and the compliments are still coming in. We gave her a lot of freedom, and she made a seasonal, vegetarian/vegan friendly buffet that didn’t alienate my midwestern meat-eating family.

    She has her own company now:

    We bought our own booze, but I think it was around $55 a head.

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