Brooklyn needs you for ride shares!

We need you drivers, ASAP. via Yeshiva University

Do you have a car and want to help out? Are you heading to areas like Sheepshead Bay or Coney Island this weekend for hurricane relief efforts? Volunteers need you! If you’re willing to pile in the Bloomberg-mandated three passengers (or four) and bring a few extra helping hands, post your e-mail address and what neighborhood you’re coming from in the comments. With any luck, you’ll get some volunteers that want to hitch a ride to sites with limited and nonexistent subway access. If you know of any organized ride shares, please post those as well. (To prevent spam harvesters from running wild on the page and on you, post your emails as like this, for example: johnqpublic at gmail dot com)


  1. mariko

    i have a car with about a quarter tank of gas (i think?), and would be willing to go where help is needed tomorrow afternoon. email me at marikonakatani at gmail dot com if you need a ride anywhere!

  2. Ashlie

    I have a car but it literally has no gas. (In fact, it is being ticketed right now because I can’t move it). Still, If anyone can get gas, we can make this work. I am in Bay Ridge. ashliejefferson at gmail dot com.

  3. Heather

    hi, we have a car with a half tank of gas (we live in williamsburg). can you use our help? we’re free all weekend! thank you. hlattuca at gmail dot com.

  4. Elisabeth

    Next weekend, 10/10 and 10/11, I can give rides from Washington Heights, Manhattan and Greenpoint Brooklyn to Midwood, Brooklyn, which is right next door to Sheepshead Bay. Or I can just drop you in Sheepshead, it is so close. I am returning from 2 free clothing swap events those days at 2pm and 4pm respectively. You could pick up supplies/clothing for the victims and then deliver them. If you want a ride from Midwood/Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn to those locations, I leave saturday at 10am and Sunday at 12 noon, and then return after 3-4 hours of swapping.

    Until then I am NOT moving my car, too afraid to waste gas and worried I won’t be able to have enough to flee the city in case it erupts in more chaos.

    Check out and for more info on free clothing swaps through-out the 5 boros. is good too. Swaps happen anywhere from 2-10 times per month here in NYC. Or email me to recieve a comprehensive monthly list someone I know puts together, with maps, details, etc. Perfect place to get free , used, donated clothes, household stuff for Sandy Victims.

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