DIY show listing guide Showpaper calling it quits

Yet another print publication melts away. via Facebook

You might have thought that because it’s 2015, and we escaped the Year of Closings, that the places and things you loved were safe for a little while. Think again, because Showpaper, which held on as a printed listing of all-ages DIY shows around the city for seven years, announced on their Facebook page that they were throwing in the towel too. If New York City was going to lose a print paper, why oh why couldn’t it have been theĀ Post?

In a message on their Facebook page, the paper, which was a staple of DIY shows for years, said that they’re suspending publication due to “exhaustion at the challenge of funding and producing the newspaper.” Considering they made it seven years printing an advertising-free paper with intricate cover art, that exhaustion is understandable. Still, it’s a more uplifting goodbye than a downer of one, holding out the possibility that Showpaper will come back as web listings with an occasional printed paper that offers commentary on NYC’s DIY scene.

NYC won’t be the same without it

So goodbye for now, Showpaper. Your cover art was great, your listings comprehensive and you contained what was definitely the worst missed connection I’ve ever read in my life. Hopefully you’ll have a good scene to come back to, if you come back.

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