DIY aging kit will enable our cheap whiskey addiction

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Is this the best drinking invention since the $4 sixpack? This kit we just heard about seems like the perfect solution to the dilemma of brokesters who A) enjoy a fine, classy glass of aged whiskey but B) can only afford the $12 fresh-off-the-truck bottle at the store. A Washington state distillery is selling this Age Your Own Whiskey kit that lets you mature the spirits before your very eyes. The small barrel accelerates the process, so you can get a nicely aged whiskey in three to six months, and the barrel can be reused five times. It’s only available at the Woodinville Whiskey Co. right now, so until it hits nationwide, you might have to email them and ask nicely for one of your own and start turning your cheap booze into a DIY-distillery. It’s a little pricey ($15o) but fancy whiskey ain’t cheap either.

(Hat tip to Briana Campbell for the link!)

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  1. You can also call Tuthilltown spirits and purchase a 3-gal barrel from them for $76. gonna cost a bit more to fill it, but hey, then you get to horrify yourself by seeing how fast you actually go through three gallons of whiskey.

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