How to win dinner with the president for $10

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No matter how tempting, resist the urge to say, "I'll have what Michelle's having."

Finally, Brokesters get a chance to flex their political muscle without getting head lice at an Occupy protest. The Obama campaign is wrapping up another one of its #DinnerWithBarack contests, in which a donation automatically enters you into a giveaway for dinner with the Obama himself, with three other supporters. And not a Steven Spielberg donation, an underemployed bartender donation. Levels start at a meager $10 and go up to $2,500. The fine print says you don’t have to donate at all, but, like, if you win, you don’t want to be THAT guy. Fifty finalists are chosen at random, and the final winner will be picked by the campaign’s discretion, presumably to serve their strategic objectives at the time of the contest (so if Mitt Romney himself fired you… ) Hotel and travel costs are covered. Enter Dinner with Barack here.

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  1. Faye, you need to fix that line about head lice. I think it’s supposed to say “without getting your head thrown into a plate glass window by a cop at an Occupy protest.”

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