Did you lose this chicken?

FOUND: The chicken on the left. Though we haven’t ruled out that this is a ploy to show off the finder’s garden.

Apparently, raising chickens has become such a thing in Brooklyn that now there are lost chickens. Either that or this one moved here to try out for the red hot Brooklyn Nest. (Rim shot!) This daring rescue of an extremely free range chicken is just in from the Flatbush Family Network:

Anyone lose a chicken?
Hey all, a friend called me since I have a chicken and I went and picked up a very sweet and beautiful lady off of 18th ave and 8th st. She has a string tied around her leg, and part of her top beak is broken. She is very very friendly. She is hangin out in my coop having a snack and clucking with Penelope. Let me know if she flew your coop! -Jenn

To reunite with your runaway bird, email Jenn and just be glad one of our charming foodies didn’t find it first or this might have happened instead. And in case you missed our very subtle attempt to seed a “Why did the chicken move to Brooklyn” joke genre, the best answer  in the comments wins a Brokelyn t-shirt.

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