Deal of the year: A free cupcake in exchange for your email address

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Did you every think an email address would get you this?

What do you usually get for signing up for an email list? Another thing to click “Mark as read” on? The regretful feeling that comes with failing to get the cute girl’s number who asked you to sign up for the list? A really awesome guide to living here (the signup for our email list is to your right, and it’s a great weekly email)? Do you ever get food? Because now, for merely signing up for New York magazine’s daily deals email alert, you can get a free cupcake. And everyone loves free cupcakes, right? If not, you can just give them to us.

Yes, for merely the cost of your email address, you’ll be rewarded with a printable voucher for a free cupcake from Crumbs Bake Shop. And then you’ll get deals that New York finds and thinks could be good for you. Which man, what a deal. An email address is an ephemeral, substance-free collection of electrons and data on a server. A cupcake is a delicious tiny cake. Sure you’ll have to go to Manhattan, but you won’t even need to go to the hell that is Times Square to get your cupcake. And Cat Power’s new video makes it seem so nice over there.

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