Deal of the day: aim for controversy at Squad School gun range

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Wayne “The Pain” LaPierre doesn’t see what the big deal is

Groupon has dropped out of the gun game, but what if, despite all the insanity surrounding guns lately, you still want to see what it’s like to shoot one? As this AmazonLocal deal says, “firearms can hold a powerful allure.” If they still do for you, you should probably snap up this deal for discounted shooting range time quick, before Amazon gets roped into the argument over gun control and cancels it.

The most basic level of this deal entitles you to a shooting lesson, safety course, ammo and gear for $35 (instead of $100) at Squad School, in Manhattan. Or you can double down and pay $79 for all of that and a marksmanship course, for you and up to two friends, which is a $200 value. The courses are held on Sundays, so now that the football season is just about over, what else are you going to do on Sundays? Think of it as research into the mind of gun proponents and residents of Texas.

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  1. i thought you couldn’t shoot guns inside nyc without a license? has that changed?

    i’m not pro-guns, but i was glad for the rifle lesson groupon i used last year. they had to take us out to long island though.

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