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Dawn of the deal: Get 55% off annual membership to the Morbid Anatomy Museum

morbid anatomy museum
Oh sure, not spooky at all. via Facebook

Remember when it was cool to wear all black and be openly depressed and obsessed with death? Being a teen goth wasn’t my thing, but just because you choose to dress in color and be optimistic about life and the world doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate and partake in the creepier thing sin life. Like the death-obsessed Morbid Anatomy Museum (424A 3rd Avenue) in Gowanus, for instance. And with this Amazon local deal of the day you can appreciate it for less, with 55% off an annual membership!

Normally $100, with this deal you can get a yearlong membership for two for only $45. Membership grants you and a friend, loved one, or fellow death enthusiast free entry to the museum and library for a year, free entry to one of the museum’s many scholarly lectures, and 10% off all items in the gift shop.

The Morbid Anatomy Museum, boasts rotating exhibits on the culture of death, Victorian taxidermy, lectures on how we deal with grief, customs and rituals of burial, and countless other studies regarding death in our society and throughout the history of modern man. Currently on display until December is an exhibit on the Art of Mourning. The deal also offers half price one-time entry for you and a friend if you’re too scared to commit to going more than once. Don’t be a Halloweenie though, now is the perfect time of year to visit!

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