Deadline to sign up for health insurance extended a week to December 20, for the lazy

Don't stay sick as a dog
Don’t stay sick as a dog

No matter how many DIY medical procedures you have saved on Pinterest, you are not a doctor. Just as disappointing, your X-Acto knife and a bottle of gin won’t get you very far if you need to see one. You need insurance. If you’ve been meaning to get around to it but still haven’t, you’re in luck: Crain’s New York reports the New York Department of Heath has extended the deadline to pick a health plan to December 20.

If you’re not sure what health insure tier to sign up for, check out our nifty breakdown of what you’ll get and have to pay at each level. If you sign up after December 20, your coverage won’t start until February 1st, which is risky considering all the ice daggers that may lurk in your path between now and February. Don’t wait until the last minute either, since signing up often takes longer than expected and the interweb gods aren’t known for smiling too much upon Obamacare. You can get started on your path toward seeing an actual, licensed doctor here.

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