The Mayor lived like common people, like you.

Here’s an impact of Mayor Bloomberg’s 12 years in office that no one thought to measure: if he’d make New Yorkers think that the mayor was always going to be fabulously rich. Sounds like he did though, because how else to explain the fact that Bill de Blasio’s neighbors are disappointed in the act that he’s leaving “ordinary” garbage in front of his Park Slope house as he moves out?

The de Blasios, if you’ll remember, have been priced out of their home and are moving into public housing in Manhattan. It’s a big move, and they can’t take everything with them, so they’ve been engaging in the hallowed New York tradition of “leaving shit you don’t want on the street.” The New York Post caught up with some of the family’s neighbors, who are lodging complaints like “If I didn’t know it was the Mayor’s stuff, I wouldn’t have taken it,” in response to finding ordinary things like a tricycle, a stained child’s dress and SAT prep books.

This is what you get when you elect a lousy normal to be mayor after letting one of the masters of the universe run things. Forget Joe Lohta, if people wanted the mayor to leave out rich guy garbage, they should have voted for John Catsimatidis.

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