Chew on some affordable V-Day ideas

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typical Brooklyn date. We can help you top this.

Newsflash, Brooklyn: it’s time to get a leg up on Valentine’s Day plans. While my ideal date night starts with a free show and concludes in a $4-beer-and-shot deal, you might be looking for something a bit more polished for the 14th. You can still charm for cheap on the Hallmark holiday, so long as you plan ahead. We’ll have some tantalizing V-day ideas for 2011 coming up next week, but for now, those of you looking to mix it up — or even class it up — investigate some of our best Brokelyn courtship guides here.

You’re trying to impress without breaking the bank, so ‘indulge’ in a restaurant that seems more expensive than it actually is (Take me to Café Steinhof in Park Slope, please).

For the fella on a budget looking to treat a gal to a good time, we’ve got you covered on how to be a cheap date without seeming like a cheapskate. If you’re stuck in a rut with the same old ideas, try a few ideas on how to break the bad date habit and explore new date places. If you’re tired of the bar-and-restaurant date monopoly, find some creative dating strategies — from test driving cars to being a role model.

Sex is the freest (usually), most satisfying (hopefully) way to spend your time with someone special — because, after all, being broke often means having more sex. NYC condoms are just as free (and sometimes less hard to come by!)

And even if you’re single, you can still eat like you’ve never eaten before, following these tips from our favorite Brooklyn foodies.

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