‘Seinfeld Night’ bobbleheads as much as $200 on eBay

keith hernandez bobblehead
Of course this one is just $34, the guy took it out of the box! via eBay

Are you bummed that you missed the Brooklyn Cyclones “A Salute to Seinfeld” on July 5? Not us, we’re more bummed we missed getting a closeup view of Dillon Gee strike out ten guys on a rehab start on July 4. Still, if you’re bummed you missed all the Elaine dancing and puffy shirts, a number of entrepreneurs will help you out by selling you a Keith Hernandez bobblehead from that night, for (at a minimum) only three times the price of a Cyclones ticket. Can you imagine the price if Keith had made the Hall of Fame?

As of this writing, we count 63 listings for the “RARE” bobblehead, ranging from $20.50 all the way to $200, with most of them coming in the $40 to $70 range. Fortunately, no one has bid on the $200 one. Yet. In case you were wondering if the bobblehead was worth more than the cost of a ticket to an actual baseball game or the cost of two Seinfeld season three DVDs with the Keith Hernandez episode, remember that the bobblehead has “I’m Keith Hernandez” and “Nice game pretty boy!” printed on the base, and that the head moves. It moves up and down!

Sure, it’s a cheap ceramic toy that you’ll definitely lose the box to, resulting in the outstretched arm breaking when you move to your next apartment. Just tell yourself you’re less of a schmuck than the people who paid $50 for the pin commemorating Seinfeld Night. You’ll possibly be right!

(Photo is recent, the person who took it most likely never set their camera date)

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