Cute job alert: Cat cafe Meow Parlour is hiring cat lovers

meow parlour
You’ll have to show more energy than this though. via Facebook

Do you love cats, but can’t get paid for said love because you lack a veterinary license? Well, hold off on printing that bootleg one off, because beyond getting you in to a ton of legal trouble, there’s another job out there for you. Meow Parlour, New York City’s first permanent cat cafe, is hiring cat-loving staff to work both their bakery and their cat cafe. Finally, a job that combines the frustration of baking with the frustration of cleaning up cat shit!

Eater has plenty of details on the cat cafe itself, which will open this month on the Lower East Side and offer both a place to get baked goods and a place to play with cats in two separate but close storefronts. Working at the Meow Parlour means you’ll have to split time between both storefronts, with a heavy emphasis on customer service in both locations. At the bakery, you’ll be helping customers, pouring drinks, taking orders, delivering food to the cat location, keeping the bakery clean and occasionally baking. At the cat storefront, you’ll have to keep the cats alive and comfortable, which means making sure customers don’t get too crazy with them and cleaning up after them.

Obviously this prospect appeals to some people more than others, so if you’re one of those somebodies, fill out Meow Parlour’s hiring form and attach a cover letter and resume to your email. No animal or hospitality service is required, but it helps. As does a lack of a desire to throw cats into the nearest river.

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