Curvy girls, there’s a swap meet fit just for you

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If this is your style guide, this is your swap meet.

Oh no — you’re invited to another clothing swap. Sounds like a good idea, but who’s gonna be there? Buncha tiny bitches whose size 2 shirts are never going to fit you? You can go and hope people bring great accessories or — drumroll please — you could check out the Curvy Girl Fashion Swap on Tuesday at 6:30 at Night of the Cookers bistro in Ft. Greene, hosted by Sweet Roll Entertainment. The specialized meet comes with a fee ($16), plus you need to bring five gently used items of clothing.But you get unlimited swapping, gift bags, food and raffle prizes like an at-home facial and vintage jewelry set. There are also prizes for the best-dressed. Cool!  Sweet Roll Entertainment is fashion and lifestyle event production company that caters to women sizes 10+. Tickets are available in advance online.

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  1. Cool event, but FYI, I’m curvy and I don’t think of smaller girls as “bitches”. Just because someone has a different bone structure and metabolism than me doesn’t mean I have to judge who they are. Glorifying certain body types while shaming others does nothing to help women, curvy or skinny.

  2. Oh geez. Female body type was mentioned. Everybody be sure to correct at least one thing in the post or start a fight with a commenter.

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