Crown Heights

Such naches! Crown Heights is getting a kosher BBQ spot

izzy's bbq addiction
We’ll take it. via Facebook

Barbecue is an excellent source of deliciousness and warmth, which is important when confronting both the vegan agenda and winter. Luckily for Crown Heights, DNAinfo reports their defenses against sad lettuce and the impending cold will be bolstered next month when Izzy’s BBQ Addiction gets its own restaurant where you can maintain your kosher BBQ dependence.

The tiny but hugely popular backyard BBQ delivery is turning into a brick-and-mortar restaurant at 397 Troy Avenue, with plates ranging from $10 for smaller individual meals to $40 or $50 for larger dishes for parties. On the menu you’ll find brisket, beef ribs, veal, pastrami, and smoked chicken and turkey prepared in a wood-burning smoker. They say they’re open to experimenting with different meats, but don’t hold your breath for pork to appear in that lineup.

The owner, Sruly “Izzy” Eidelman, has shown off his kosher BBQ skills in competitions across the country and recently got back from smoking the game at the Southern New England Kosher BBQ Championship last week. If he ever needs a practice judge, we’re always here.

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