Crowdsourcing brings you the cheapest birth control pills in Brooklyn

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Show of hands, how many of you reading this right now want to get pregnant? Right, thought so. In that case, you definitely want to make sure that you have your birth control situation all sorted out. But, like most health products, shit costs money. Now WNYC has come to the rescue with their interactive map of how much pharmacies around the city charge for different birth control pills.

The map is based on data collected by Jeanne Pinder of Clear Health Costs, and was then put together by WNYC. It has 20 different birth control pill options, everything from Aviane to Yaz-28, and after you select one, markers show up on the map, color-coded by price. So, for instance, if you’ve been taking Ocella and buying it at the Rite Aid on 7th Avenue for $75, you should stop. Because you can get it for just $48 at SaiVen Pharmacy in Greenpoint (881 Manhattan Avenue).

And if you want to be involved with the next WNYC health service map, they’re collecting data on how much a mammogram costs on the same page as a the birth control map. In the meantime, every youung Brooklynite desperately unprepared to care for a child thanks you, WNYC.

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