Coffee training class to help get that post-post-grad job

Crop to Cup instructor Conor Welch. Photo by Lauren Cannon.

The broke and sporadically employed are all too aware of the age old employer Catch-22 slogan: “Only the experienced need apply.” Pray tell, how is a neophyte supposed to gain experience without first getting a job? Even at basic entry level work at a restaurant or coffee shop, you’re probably going to have to produce a resume to get in the door. Crop to Cup, the Gowanus coffee shop/importer/wholesaler, is doing its part to educate a new, erm, crop of budding baristas and coffee enthusiasts. Tomorrow, the shop will offer one of its regular training classes at their in-house education space.

The inaugural class, Espresso 101, will be taught by barista Conor Welch. Participants will learn the basics of pulling a proper shot (which includes technical aspects such as grind setting and tamping via an espresso machine), milk texturing and alternative brew techniques.

Welch says that the class will enable students to boast to potential coffee shop employers that they have basic knowledge of making and serving an espresso shot. Attendees will even be able to use Crop to Cup as a reference on their resumes. But, if all you desire is a deeper knowledge of your favorite caffeinated beverage, the class will not disappoint: “It will change your view of coffee,” Welch says. “You will be not be able to drink bad coffee anymore.”

Crop to Cup is located at 541 A 3rd Ave. Espresso 101 will be held on Wednesday at 6:45pm. The price for the 1.5 hour class is $15. Future classes will be offered on a demand basis.

To register, call Crop to Cup at 917-531-8754.

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