By crickey: Australia has a Brooklyn-themed bar of its own now

brooklyn lounge
An ace place to go chuck a wobbly mate! via Facebook

If there’s one business plan people seem to think is foolproof, it’s slapping “Brooklyn” on a thing and then waiting for the money to roll in. So, in the grand tradition of the Brooklyn Athletic Club, Bar Brooklyn and Sbarro Brooklyn, welcome Perth, Austalia’s Brooklyn Lounge. We guess this is pretty good retaliation for making three (THREE!)¬†Crocodile Dundee movies and never apologizing.

Per PerthNow, the Brooklyn Lounge is bringing “a little of that BK cool” to a former tapas bar is Western Australia. “The BK cool” means things like pictures of Beyonce and Biggie, and uh…$10 hot dogs on Wednesdays. Which is fucking amazing, because even here in the land of the overpriced bespoke nonsense, you can get a fancy bar hot dog for less then ten fucking dollars. Seems like the bar has learned a thing or two from those Aussie investors buying Brooklyn up.

It also means cocktails named after Brooklyn luminaries like Mike Tyson, Mos Def, Al Capone, Busta Rhymes and this thing called “EHH SHADDAP YOU FACE!”

brooklyn lounge
Fucking ROFL

PerthNow, to their credit, said that only way to actually go get some Brooklyn cool was to spend a shitload of time on the G train, but that the Brooklyn Lounge was just fine. In the meantime, it’s obviously time for some bar to make a drink called the Game as Ned Kelly or something.

UPDATE: An Australian tipster forwarded us the following video, which shows that Aussies have had a lover affair with Shaddap You Face since the 80s


    • al fair

      not only that, but while it costs is $9 if we travel there, their minimum wage is so high that it’s $10 is less than a half hour of work, where here $9 can be more than an hour of work.

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