Crazy cheap hot dogs and beer playoff deal

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No special mask required for hot dog consumption.

If you fall into the category of the sports fan who doesn’t have access to a teevee, watching football gets right expensive because you end up buying beers or snacks just so you can share in on a bar’s flat screen. Gothamist reports that Bark Hot Dogs is trying to be your low-cost alternative for the playoffs this weekend: Not only do they have new 50-inch HD TVs, they’re selling 12oz Sixpoint drafts for justs $2, wings for 50 cents each, salt and pepper fries for $2, bar burgers/veggie burgers for $5 and classic dogs for $3 (normally $4.25). On Super Bowl Sunday, Bark and Sixpoint are doing a $75 all-you-can-eat-and-drink deal, if you’re so inclined to spend, eat and drink that much.

Update: Bark is now offering the $2 Sixpoints and $3 dogs every tuesday!

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