Craigslist Job of the Day: Use music superpowers for good

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C'mon, look how happy they are!

The music business is in the metaphorical toilet. And you, a super talented musician, can’t get a gig, while Gwyneth Paltrow just signed a $900,000 music contract. Like I said: toilet. What’s a talented, caring person like you to do with your skills? Put down your warm can of PBR and read this ad in search of a part-time musician with a “diverse musical repertoire, including: Caribbean, reggae, gospel and standards” to play at a Brooklyn nursing home to “help enhance the quality of life and therapeutic environment” for residents.” So while Gwyneth is being paid money she doesn’t need to make music that no one likes, you can brighten up a large group of people by playing music you all enjoy.

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