Craiglist freebie of the day: Finally slice your your way into the deli business

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When you’re the boss, you can dress however you like. via IGN

Let’s face it: we’ve all had dreams of opening our own deli, but the prospect of actually doing so is daunting. You need a good location, the skills to make a mean ham on rye and the right kind of attitude to jawjack with your regulars. But, intimidating as all of that is, a kind soul on Craigslist has given you a legup on the competition with your very own meat slicer.

The Craigslist post itself is cryptic, only offering the slicer for free, and promising that it is top of the line and never used. Which raises some questions, such as “Who buys and never uses a meat slicer?” and “How is there not even a resale market for this?” but ignore your nagging questions and embrace your new destiny as a sandwich-slinger extraordinaire. Just buy a whole ham, a block of turkey breast and a block of cheddar and start the place out of your apartment. Rely on word-of-mouth buzz, and the next thing you know, you’ll be giving the Brooklyn Sandwich Society a run for their money.

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