Coworking o.g. Brooklyn Creative League is expanding and waiving their membership fee

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More of this is on its way, so get ready to entrepreneunize. via the Brooklyn Creative League

The coworking space is an important space for you, the office-free independent contractor or freelancer or entrepreneur. Despite the fact that there are plenty of them in Brooklyn, so many people want in on a space of their own, we could always use some more. Good thing then that the Brooklyn Creative League is expanding their space in Gowanus AND opening a new location in Bed-Stuy later this year.

The Brooklyn Creative League will be¬†adding 5,000 square feet of space to their main Gowanus location. Aside from adding full-time and part-time office space, BCL is promising the expansion will also come with soundproof meeting rooms with studio-quality recording and teleconference equipment, quiet zones for when you really need to focus, clustered desks for people working as a team and the ever-popular standing desks so that you don’t spend all day sitting on your butt.

If you don’t find any space for yourself in the new 5,000 square feet, don’t worry, because there’s more good coworking news. Bed-Stuy is getting its very own Brooklyn Creative League location in the fourth quarter of 2015, so it will be a merry Christmas indeed for Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights’ coworkers.

To celebrate all this news that they’re understandably happy about, BCL is giving YOU a gift, and will be waiving their annual membership fee of $75 to anyone who signs up to join before July 1. We’d go into how much beer and liquor that $75 could get you, but we imagine if you’re signing up for a coworking space you’re something close to a functional adult and wouldn’t spend it on that. Still though…

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