Coupon quickie: get $20 off a new tree in NYC

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Brooklyn Botanic Garden, photo by Dave Shafer.

Does everyone know you can get $20 from the city if you buy a new tree? As part of Bloomberg’s plan to reforest the city, you can download this coupon from and use it to get a $20 break on a “1-inch caliper or larger” from a participating nursery. There are five in Brooklyn: Chelsea Garden Center, Dragonetti Brothers, Gowanus Nursery, Kings County Nursery and Liberty Sunset Garden; addresses and phone numbers follow the coupon link.

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  1. A caliper is just another term for the trunk of the tree. The price varies by the type of the tree in the store.

    The Dragonetti Brothers said that their cheapest one was about $249 and Kings County Nursery said they had trees for $129 and $139. Most of the places didn’t really know the prices off hand, but it would seem they run in the $100 range.

  2. Is there any community garden that raises trees (as opposed to produce or flowers)for distribution to individuals, block associations or civic groups wanting to plant them, but unable to afford commercial prices?

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