Cool Obama job with an equally cool title: Plant Protection Technician

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If you’ve ever wanted to say the words “step away from the shrubbery,” this job’s for you. Newly listed on the Federal jobs web site is a gig paying up to $55,689 a year, as a Plant Protection Technician—in Brooklyn, no less. This  job with the Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service probably isn’t the secret-service-type gig you might expect from the title, but it could still make for an exciting 9 to 5. After all, you do get to do this:

“The incumbent serves as a technician for Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ) in Brooklyn, NY. The incumbent is assigned a geographic area for which they have responsibility for helping PPQ Officers with the planning, coordinating and directing the survey, control, and regulatory functions for PPQ programs, including biocontrol and biotechnology activities.”

Go to the job listing, read the other PR-style job summary, and your hand might be clicking “Apply Online” before you can say “Get down, Mr. White Flowering Dogwood tree.”

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