Very cool job alert: The Antarctic post office is hiring

This is your boss though, so we hope you speak penguin. via Flickr user Christopher Michel

Have you guys heard that it’s a bit chilly outside? Well in case you haven’t, let us tell you, whew boy is it cold out. Maybe you’re the kind of person who doesn’t care. Maybe you even relish this cold. Maybe you also want a hermit-like existence and get away from it all for a for a few months because life is kind of garbage or you committed a crime. Great, because the post office in beautiful Antarctica is hiring some assistants and you don’t need a single day of mail carrier experience to get the job.

Yahoo had the word that the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust needs four assistants to spend November through March manning their museum, post office and gift shop ¬†on the bottom of the Earth. What will you be doing down there? Things like cheerfully greet visitors who are actually visiting goddamn Antartica, lug big heavy boxes over snow and slush and rocks, represent the post office on TV and radio without making a fool of yourself and “dodge penguins.” That last one might be tough.

They’re not gonna take just anyone though, so be prepared to show that you can be the kind of person who can handle only being around three other humans and bunch of penguins for five months, that you’re meticulous, conscientious and positive, that you know how to cook and that you can survive -5 degree Celsius weather. Your reward, other than being able to say “Oh sure it’s cold but it’s not cold like I was in Antartica” at parties, is $1,250/month. Which may not sound like much, but since there’s nothing to spend the money on down there, you’ll be coming back from your adventure with a cool six grand.

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