Cook at Pies ‘n Thighs, and other jobs available right now

If you get this job, we demand free food. (Via Facebook)
If you get this job, we demand free food. (Via Facebook)

It’s been a while since we’ve rounded up some good jobs for all you fine un-, under-, and unhappily employed folks out there, and since we’ve been taunting you with all these sample sales and important Kickstarter campaigns, it’s probably our duty to help get your BoA debit card unfrozen.

Bloomberg (the company, not the man) is looking for a freelance video editor to work on HD videos for their television channel out of their Manhattan office. They’re asking for three years of experience, plus you’ll probably end up working the night shift, but hey, the mayor didn’t become a billionaire on the day shift, now did he? (Really, though, did he? TEACH US YOUR WAYS)

For something near and dear to many an unaffiliated 1099-chained worker’s heart, the Freelancer’s Union needs an Online Community Manager to operate out of their offices in DUMBO. Duties include working with bloggers and other online freelancers, along cultivating posts and discussions around the web and turning them into articles; they’re also requiring 3 years of experience, but there’s dental insurance involved, so that’s a plus.

And for all you writers out there, Vimeo‘s looking for a copywriter to help promote various projects and drum up good taglines for the site. They’d also like 3 years of related experience, but you should also have the verbal skills of the “most articulate Wu-Tang member” (think GZA) and “rapier wit,” so keep that in mind. Plus their offices are in Chelsea, so you get to have lunch on the High Line!

Men’s lifestyle site needs an editorial assistant in their art and design department. Duties include dealing with various social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Chartbeat, managing freelancers and watching traffic. You should have two years of experience in some similar outlet, and know your stuff when it comes to art, hip hop and pop culture.

Meanwhile, clocking in as the coolest job on this list, Williamsburg Southern-fried magic spot Pies ‘n Thighs is looking for a line-cook. You should probably know a little about cooking, and experience in a real kitchen is a plus, but they’re cool with you being a fast learner, too. And the gig is 40 hours a week, so make sure you’ve got a flexible schedule before you apply.

More from the men’s lifestyle site world: Thrillist put out an ad for a graphic designer to work on art for sales, marketing and editorial at their SoHo office. They’d like applicants to have a degree in fine arts or design, or have 1-2 years of relevant experience.

And last but not least, for budding hairstylists out there, blow-dry salon chain DryBar‘s looking for stylists, and they’re offering PAID TIME OFF. Enough said.

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