We will live if these cost a dollar or two more. via Flickr user Meghan and Cyrus

We all knew that there would be some consequences after the city announced that styrofoam containers were no longer welcome around here. Turns out that one of those consequences is gonna be prices going up for the giant margaritas at the Turkey’s Nest, with bar owner Steve Ehrseman telling DNA Info that he’ll have to raise prices on the drinks to cover the cost of non-styrofoam cups. To their credit though, drinkers at the Turkey’s Nest didn’t freak out about the news, and neither should anyone else. You wanna do some good in the world, sometimes that’s hard.

While Ehrseman was sniffing that the Turkey’s Nest will “be known for the environmentally friendly cups” now instead of styrofoam ones, both of the drinkers quoted in the story reacted with admirable calm, pointing out that people don’t just show up for the cups and that the drinks are so cheap as it is that they’ll still remain a deal. At $7 for a 16 ounce margarita, it’d be hard to argue with a price increase of one or two dollars if that means you’re only poisoning your liver and not the Atlantic Ocean eventually.

This is also the same tactic that the business world greeted Obamacare with, promising, and delivering, “Obamacare surcharges,” in a ridiculous attempt to make people angry about health insurance. There was no need to freak out then, and there’s no need to start saying “R.I.P.” over fucking styrofoam cups and talking about the price of living in New York going up now. The Turkey’s Nest will remain great on July 1, when we’re drinking 16 ounce margaritas out of recycled plastic cups for $9 and not OPENLY TALKING ABOUT SNEAKING THEM OUT OF THE BAR.

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