Compete for cash money at the skint’s talent show!

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Practice your moves; the talent show is soon!

Our budget blogging buddies at the skint are hosting a big ass talent show next month, and they are giving $150 in cash to the winner! On Sept. 8 at the Bell House, the skint presents So-You-Think-You’ve-Got-Talent Idol with the Stars to show off some of the most magnificent talent this side of Manhattan. Says the skint: “Have people other than your mom praised your singing voice? Are you a bendy contortionist with a knack for celebrity impressions? Can you juggle bagpipes and train puppies to dance while riding a unicycle that has been set on fire? (Don’t worry, no one can do that last one!)”

To enter, send a link to your website or shoot video of your talent, upload it to Vimeo or YouTube and email the URL to [email protected] (deadline is Friday at 11:59pm). Those skinties say all talents are welcome, from big to small, singles or group acts, from highbrown despicable to lowbrow brilliant. Contestants will be notified on Monday. Then you get three minutes on stage at The Bell House, where you’ll be judged by a panel of three judges. For the rest of you. entry to the show is $8.

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