Comparing fun maps shows one-bedrooms have gone up $200/month since February

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Here’s today’s map. Scroll back and forth between them, and turn that smile upside down!

Seems like just yesterday we posted a map showing you how dismal your prospects of ever affording a one-bedroom were. But lucky you, Curbed just released a whole new one for your viewing (dis)pleasure. Let’s compare them, shall we?

Since late February, it now costs $150/month more for a one-bedroom apartment in Bushwick or Greenpoint, $200/month more to rent in Williamsburg, Fort Greene, Red Hook and Vinegar Hill, and $225/month more to rent in Downtown Brooklyn.

This increase took just six months. In a year’s time, it might just cost you $4,000/month to rent a one-bedroom in Williamsburg. Which also means that even if you have an s/o to split it with, you’d each be paying $2,000 every month.

Well, the good news is that median monthly rent for a one-bedroom actually dropped in some neighborhoods: it went down $150 in Gowanus and DUMBO, and dropped a whopping $400 in Cobble Hill.

And hey, by the same logic as our projections above, a one-bedroom in Cobble Hill might just cost you absolutely nothing in the year 2019.

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