Startup ‘Hipster’ is hiring, shilling old jokes

Oh I get it: he likes suspenders AND PBR!

Treading the fine line between “insufferable” and “genius” that we all love so much, a new venture capital funded startup called Hipster (aka is hiring, uh, hipsters, we guess, offering a signing bonus of $10,000, plus a Doré Bible of woefully stale young-people-who-live-in-cities archetypes: a year’s supply of PBR, skinny jeans, Buddy Holly glasses, bang trimming … you get the drift. So what is this company called Hipster? As FreeWilliamsburg reports, it’s not exactly clear.


The site describes itself only as “a fun way to help uncover the vast amount of information about real world locations that isn’t yet available online.” Right, so are there places in the real world that aren’t online yet? I thought you FourSquares had taken care of that already?

If you think we sound a bit jaded and skeptical here, you haven’t seen our inbox: stuffed with lots of pitches for the Next Big Thing That Will Revolutionize Your Neighborhood, and done-to-death hipster jokes, so forgive us for wondering if it’s all been done before. But is this one different?

The job is looking for engineers with: extensive experience creating fun and useful mobile applications for the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry platforms; expertise in Objective C, Java; BS, MS, or PhD in Computer Science, and a bunch of other super-technical sounding stuff.

Oh, and you should be willing to move to San Francisco. The company is based in SOMA (which is like BoCoCa for SF?) and was co-founded in 2010 by a bunch of left coast bros with social- and digital- media credentials: Doug LudlowEthan Czahor, and Steffen Hoffman. But it’s flanked by an impressive collection of investors including Google and the investment arm of the Groupon founders, so maybe this could be the next new something or other. And that $10,000 is nothing to snark at.

But as for the rest of the package, FW’s Jackie Snow wonders: “Perhaps these tokens will be enough to stifle the self-loathing bile that will threaten even the most steady upchuck reflexes while working for a company that puts out such cheesy, patronizing gimmicks as a hiring tool.”

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