Spoiler alert! Find out what your college degree is actually worth

Was that degree worth it?

You might think that putting an actual tangible dollar figure to your liberal arts degree is a bit like The Phantom Menace saying the Force is actually just tiny bacteria in your blood stream. Those spoiler-alerting number crunchers at Businessweek would disagree, because they went through 850 schools and found out what is the actual return on investment for your education, and you can view all the stats. For instance, a degree from my alma mater, the University of Maryland (Go Terps!), is worth $657,900 more than what someone with just a high school degree would earn over 30 years. Little does BusinessWeek know I only have a journalism degree, which is actually only worth 35 cans of Simpler Times beer and a conversation starter with David Simon. The list is annoying in that it isn’t searchable, and there’s a bunch of superfluous data in there, but prepare to re-examine every decision you’ve made since leaving college.


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