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Coffee and death: Morbid Anatomy hosting free party to welcome its new record shop

black gold morbid anatomy
Celebrate getting a downer with your upper. via Facebook

It is cold out, so cold that the glimmer of hope in your eyes is starting to fade. Still, it’s best to get out of the apartment this weekend, and we’ve got a party where you can immerse yourself in death and still have some fun. The Morbid Anatomy Museum has an outpost of coffee shop/record store Black Gold (home of the crazy $1 record sales) and they’re officially welcoming it with a free party on Saturday night at 7pm. Even better? The weekend also comes with free admission.

If you’re gonna add a cafe/record shop to your museum of death, you may as well have a party and that party might as well be free and it also might as well come with free refreshments. So isn’t it cool that the Morbid Anatomy/Black Gold party will have all of that, along with plenty of coffee and booze and mystery music guests. Judging by the atmosphere of death all around you, we bet it’s something happy and peppy, real influenced by the Polyphonic Spree.

Beyond the party on Saturday though, Morbid Anatomy is also waiving their entrance fee on Saturday and Sunday from 9am to noon both days. Sure it means you have to get up before noon on the one hand, but on the other hand, it means you can tour the creepy death museum in Gowanus for free instead of paying $8. Think of everything you can do with $8! That’s a shot and a beer some places, or a really nice beer other places or we guess also food at other places if for some reason you don’t want a beer.

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