ClockTower apartment: death trap for cuties?

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We’re not saying this just because our name is Brokelyn and we’re constitutionally required to dump on anything that costs $25 million. But like all other real-estate pervs in Brooklyn, we couldn’t help clicking through to the ClockTower web site this morning when we saw it today on Brownstoner. This four-story apartment, at 1 Main St. in Dumbo, is so fancy it even has its very own web site! Others may fixate on the floor-to-ceiling clocks, or the Gaggenau appliances, but here’s what caught our eye: the staircases.

Don’t they look just the slightest bit kid-unfriendly? From the looks of things—and we haven’t had our personal tour yet so don’t base your buy/don’t buy decision solely on us—there are so many places for a kid to take a two-story tumble between the stairs or over the railings that you might need a million bucks worth of baby gates to keep anyone under 5 alive in this joint. But we’d still go to an Amy Sohn reading there.

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